Happy New Year!

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New Year’s Eve is here and what a year it’s been! With a record number of check-ins in December, we want to thank all of users by giving you some quick pro tips for getting the most out of Bloc tonight and in 2016. For all the wine-and-diners, the double-dip party animals, the West End kings and queens, the culture vultures and the turbo ravers, there are so many different events happening and they’re all waiting to be checked in to.


  1. It’s a good time to open the app and see who else is attending the event you’re going to. Like people and if they like you back we’ll put you in a conversation before you go. Go on, take a look.
  2. Search your town for events. For those last minuters this is a good way to see what’s happening in your area. Even if you have plans you never know who might be at the party down the road. There’s nothing wrong with leaving a dull party before 12.
  3. New Years resolutions. If dry Jan is your thing, check-in to art exhibitions, restaurants and many more great places in the new year that’ll help you countdown to Feb 1st.


Don’t forget you can use Uber tonight to get around London. Download the app and use the promo code ‘BLOC’ for £15 off your first ride.

Happy New Year!

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