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Hi guys,

With just one month to go until Christmas, we’ve got an early present for you that we’re sure you’ll love. If you haven’t done so already, check the iOS App Store, tap the update button and you’ll find a shiny new version of Bloc on your iPhone, complete with brand new features.

One of the main things we’re delivering in this update is a vast improvement to the initial customer experience for anyone that downloads Bloc for the very first time. Previously, you’d land on your newsfeed and we’d expect you to understand exactly how to use the app from the get go. This has changed. Now, you’re welcomed to Bloc with an example of how to check-in and an opportunity to view everyone that is attending an event. We’ve opted for ‘Party on the Moon at Space Bar on Friday, 4th September 2020’ – an event we’re hoping one day we’ll actually be in a position to throw.


Bloc New Features


Because Bloc is a social app, many would be led to believe that the concept relies on critical mass to succeed. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve had great success and interesting feedback from the various demographics we’ve targeted including Universities, Sports Clubs and Social Groups, all of which have used Bloc to view the popular events in their area and then share their plans with friends. This is the whole purpose of the app. When you check-in on Bloc, you’ll never miss an event again. Here’s what Bloc offers you:

  1. A simple & clear newsfeed, keeping you updated with events your friends are attending
  2. Access to the most popular events in your area and any other city you wish to explore
  3. Your very own calendar which is the easiest way to check your plans
  4. A unique way to see who else is going to the events you’re interested in
  5. The opportunity to connect with new people and chat before you go.

Checking in to an event has never been easier. As you can from the new screenshots, we’ve moved check-in to the tab bar and used the familiar pin icon as a replacement for the now retired + symbol. We’re hoping this ease of access will encourage even more check-ins from new users. What’s more, we’ve updated and modernised the ‘Me’ area of Bloc, as you can see here with this new profile layout.


Bloc profile screen


Bloc keeps you in the loop with all the events your friends are attending. Your ‘Home’ newsfeed automatically updates with brand new check ins, so you’ll never miss an event again. Can’t decide on where you want to go? Bloc suggests popular events in your current location or any city you wish to explore.

Events are stored in your very own ‘Calendar’, so you can come back to Bloc to check your plans and organise your social schedule.

What else does Bloc do? Connect & ‘Chat’ with like-minded event goers. Anonymously like people attending the same event as you. Mutual liking puts you into a private conversation – so you can chat and get to know each other better before you go to an event.

Bloc is free to download and always will be. Download it now & access every single venue from the palm of your hand. This update will be available on Android in early 2016 too, so stay tuned Android users!



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