University Challenge

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There are 162 universities in the UK with more than 2.3 million students enrolled. That’s 2,300,000 people on their phones checking social media every day and interacting with friends, most likely on an hourly basis. And people are impatent. There is a demand for immediate information and when you take into account the power that apps like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram have to deliver it, 2,300,000 students is a market that can’t be ignored.

We’ve already visited Josh’s Uni, the University of Nottingham – the third largest Uni in the country, Bournemouth – the Uni I studied at, and the London College of Fashion – which made sense as we’re currently living in London. We achieved record single-day download figures whilst targeting these three. This tells us that not only is our marketing on-point here, but word of mouth is kicking in. As app developers & marketers, this is one of the biggest challenges we have but also one of the most satisfying when it kickstarts. People talking about your app and telling their friends to download it is the ultimate goal for us, which is why we’re also working to improve the initial experience users have when they first download Bloc. There are brand new features you can expect to see in Bloc v2.0, which is to be released in November.

In November we’ll also be selecting more Unis to get on Bloc. 3 down, 159 to go, it’s going to be a busy month, but something we’re really looking forward to. Meeting new people and visiting different locations is what Bloc is all about, after all. Keep your eyes peeled for Bloc v2.0 on iOS, download Bloc for Android via the Play Store and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @getonbloc to keep up to date with things we’re doing on a daily basis. Speak soon!

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